Monday, August 01, 2016

German Summer Treats

 Emmental Pringles. Part of the summer/football push. Pretty light on flavor. Salty, with a hint of emmental nuttiness. Not bad, but not special/accurate enough to buy again.

 Summer RitterSport! The only new-to-me flavor this season. They got this one just right. The milk chocolate is smooth and sweet, and the filling is creamy and tart. Yum.

 I was pretty excited for new Capri-Sun flavors. Fruity Water comes in Red Fruits and Tropical. I chose red fruit. I should have read the fine print, these are 'healthier' because they water the juice down, and spike it with fake sugar to make up the difference. Blech. I foisted these off on unsuspecting kids at a neighborhood bbq.

 Found these in the refrigerated case. They're a fresh Happy Hippo. A milk chocolate exterior, fresh creamy filling, and a toasty, nutty layer to bridge the gap. Om nom nom nom.

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